My personal Bitcoin nightmare

John is an old high school friend I mostly see at weddings, so I wasn’t expecting to see a message from him blinking on my desktop one night in December. He asked if I still had the Bitcoin he’d given me back in 2011. “I still have it I think,” I replied, dimly recalling the loonie-sized brass coin that he’d given me, around the time someone bought a pizza for 10,000 BTC. I remembered seeing some recent headlines about Bitcoin making a comeback. “How much is it worth now?” I asked, thinking that for him to be asking, it must be worth a couple of hundred bucks. “13,000 USD-ish,” he said.

Marketing Mag's Tech Player of the Year 2015: Shopify

Without Shopify, Manitobah Mukluks would never have gone from a specialty business working with a handful of high-end shoe retailers to a worldwide phenomenon competing with the likes of Ugg. Today, its premiere and one-of-a-kind “story boots” that are painstakingly crafted by aboriginal community elders, retail for upwards of $1,000 on Manitobah’s online store. But back in the mid-2000s, when it was founded by a Métis trader and a former Canada Goose distributor, there was no way Manitobah could afford to work with the big-name enterprise e-commerce businesses.

The programmatic dream ain’t what it used to be

If you’ve been to an ad technology conference lately, then you’ve no doubt experienced it: the odd juxtaposition of future-forward cheerleading for innovative technology and grave real-talk about all the threats lurking out there on the exchanges. In one auditorium, sponsors are lining up with a litany of impressive spend projections for 2016, proof-positive that it’s time for your brand to get on the bandwagon. But just down the hall, industry watchdogs are warning that everyone along the digital supply chain is looking to gouge you, including your trusted agency partners.

AD-Vantage Glossary: Defining “RTB”

Real-time bidding is a type of programmatic media buying in which media buyers bid against one another over individual ad impressions, as those impressions are shown to users. When a user visits an RTB-enabled web page, ad placements on the page are auctioned off to advertisers who want to show their ad. Because the auction happens in the milliseconds it takes for the user to load the page, human buyers can’t be directly involved — they have to use computer algorithms.

Canadian startup Neuranet rethinks responsive ad design

Toronto-based tech startup Neuranet has officially launched its Flexitive design suite, designed to give marketers a quick and easy way to design cross-platform HTML5 ads without weeks of training. Designed with simplicity in mind, all it takes to create an ad is an image, some text, a little dragging and dropping, and out pops a URL ready to be fed to an ad server for a mobile, desktop or cross-platform campaign.

Mobile: Programmatic’s next frontier

Even though the value of automated ad commerce continues to climb rapidly, the total volume of desktop inventory is beginning to stabilize as the last holdout publishers make their ad space available to ad exchanges for programmatic and real-time bidding transactions. As a result, ad tech players have been left to bet on where they can build the next big market. Many of them are firmly banking on mobile, but the bigger question is whether advertisers and the whole technological ecosystem are ready for them.

The Dream Lives: Addictive Mobility and Nussar Ahmad’s legacy

Nussar’s sudden death left the company’s future in doubt in the summer of 2012. Naveed and his family inherited the company, and had to decide what to do with it. They considered shuttering it—their mother even suggested that option—but after speaking to some of the Addictive team, they realized how much it had meant to Nussar. It wasn’t a financial decision in the end, says Naveed. “It was more about legacy.”
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